DC & AC Power Systems

AC Power Systems

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Golden Warah Power Electronics designs AC power systems to precisely match the characteristics of specific heating elements and process requirements. AC power systems are available in both single and multiple zone configurations and can be easily customized and equipped with the level of control, instrumentation, and indication needed. Where required, GW dry-type transformers can be included for load matching either as an integral component or for remote mounting.

An AC power system consists of a SCR power controller (or controllers) packaged in an enclosure with or without voltage matching transformers. They are normally equipped with circuit protection such as circuit breakers, metering, and pilot light indication, and take a continuous AC "voltage in" and provide a controlled / variable AC "voltage out."


DC Power Systems

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Golden Warah Power Electronics designs power systems to convert AC voltage / current to DC for a wide variety of industrial applications and to withstand even the harshest of environments.

DC power systems take continuous AC "voltage in" and provide controlled / variable DC "voltage out". DC power systems consist of voltage matching / isolation transformers coupled with SCR bridges packaged in an enclosure that usually includes circuit breakers, metering and pilot light indication.

For over 50 years, Golden Warah has been perfecting power supplies through field use under rugged conditions and diverse applications. Realizing that a DC power system which does not deliver peak performance year in and year out will cost customers considerable profit, Spang designs each power system for the highest quality and reliability.